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Katie Winslow has been my yoga teacher and massage therapist for several years. As a yoga teacher, she has been great at adapting yoga poses for my strengths and weaknesses. She has pushed me without making it so hard that I feel discouraged. Over the last three years, I have become stronger, more flexible and more relaxed. I actually feel several years younger than when I began. I have encouraged several friends and relatives to try yoga because of my experience. Katie gives the best massage I have experienced. She can give a gentle, relaxing massage if that is what is called for, or a deep, vigorous massage. She is quick to discover places in the body where there is tension or pain. She uses her whole body to get the pressure that she needs. We have given gift certificates for massage to several of our relatives, and they also say it is the best massage they have had. I find the combination of yoga and massage with the same person to be very valuable. She knows if I am hurting somewhere and can adapt as needed. She knows where I am strong and where I am weaker and designs exercises for me. I highly recommend both yoga and massage with Katie for health maintenance.

--from Joy Lominska

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Katie Winslow is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, whose goal is to encourage personal empowerment and physical transformation through her bodywork. Incorporating certifications in Muscle Release Technique MRT, NETA Fundamental Yoga, Hatha Yoga with the passion of transforming her own holistic health process, she utilizes a variety of techniques tailored to her clients needs. Katie conveys the importance of feeling good and making friends with the body. She does this by blending all facets of human functioning with the great understanding of anatomy and physiology into her practice.

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